Outfit for guys

What’s Your Signature Style?

As you plan your outfits for your session, start by thinking about how you’d describe your
style to someone else. Do you like to dress urban, or are you more casual? Rugged? formal?
outdoorsy? What about preppy? Not sure? Maybe you like looking a certain way, but don’t
really think about it.

Pick Your Favorite Trend and Plan for Themed Looks

Take a look at these guys’ style trends and find the one that fits your wardrobe the best.
Read the description to get ideas of specific pieces to put together your portrait session
outfits for sharp, camera-ready looks. And get suggestions for how to dress for sports-themed
portraits and formalwear looks. Overall, plan for bringing complete outfits if you like a wider
range to choose from to look your best.

Choosing Outfits

Some sessions allow for multiple outfits.
See your session's details for information on how many outfits you can bring.

  • Casual style

    Think a crisp shirt and great jeans, with nice shoes and classic accessories for a timeless look.
  • Senior’s Choice

    What’s the most “you” thing you do?
    Bring along your musical instrument, a paint palette or another object that shows off your most important personal interest.
  • Activities

    From sports to chess club, your activities make up a big part of your high school experience.
    Bring a team jersey, danceline costume or favorite debate duds to commemorate your achievements.

  • Casual / Streetwear

    Dress casual while looking very put together.
    Combine jeans, t-shirts, sweaters, casual blazers or leather jackets, sneakers, maybe a favorite hat
    and classic accessories for a timeless look.


    Take your style outside. Think flannel shirts, roughed-up jeans, shearling jackets, beanie hats, work boots or casual kicks.

    Hip Hop

    Play up your urban cool with hoodies or sport coats, dress shirts, snapback cap, distressed jeans and sleek leather shoes or hiking boots.

    California style

    Reach for the beach in skinny jeans, statement tees, sleeveless tanks, lightweight jackets, sunglasses, cap, and favorite sneakers.

    Keep your colors and fabrics light and easy for a laid back look.

    Suited Up

    Get formal with suits in classic black, blue or neutrals, or even vibrant colors.
    Coordinate your shirt to your suit-white always works, but the right color makes a statement. Don't forget good ties, watches, leather belts and dress shoes.