Outfit for girls

What’s Your Fashion Type?
When you plan for your portrait session, think carefully about how to get that picture-perfect look you want. Browse through your closet and think of the types of outfits you feel great wearing.
Are you bohemian or classic? Retro or stylish? Or do you like to play with surprising combinations for variety?

Rock Your Style and Think About Themes

Scroll through these style trends to see which look matches your personal style the best.
Use the photos and descriptions to give you ideas for planning totally put-together looks.
And get suggestions for formal-themed and athletic-style photos too.
Plan to bring some complete outfits to your photography session if you like!

Choosing Outfits
Some sessions allow for multiple outfits. See your session's details for information on how many outfits you can bring.

  • Casual style
    This is the one you know they’ll love showing off for years to come. Think a crisp shirt and great jeans, with nice shoes and classic accessories for a timeless look.
  • Senior’s Choice
    What’s the most “you” thing you do?
    Bring along your musical instrument, a paint palette or another object that shows off your most important personal interest.
  • Activities
    From sports to chess club, your activities make up a big part of your high school experience.
    Bring a team jersey, danceline costume or favorite debate duds to commemorate your achievements.
  • Flirty and Feminine
    Keep it light and breezy in fit-and flare dresses, playful prints, fun accessories, headbands, bold lipstick, and tops or dresses with bow accents.
    Think outdoor concerts and laid-back fun. Wear flowing maxi dresses, worn denim, tiered ruffle blouses, layered jewelry, and maybe a floppy hat for a little easy-going glamour.
    Go modest, yet playful and never too conservative. Combine knee-length dresses with cinched waists, opaque tights, classic pumps, lush mascara, and hair curlers to top it off.
    City Chic
    Take your style to the streets. Pair skinny capris with gauzy blouses and pointy pumps or peep toe heels. Finish off the look with simple jewelry.
    Be bold, dress down, rock on. Mix up skinny jeans with vintage statement tees, ankle boots and silver jewelry, and complete the look with a bomber jacket you love.
    Up and Gowned
    Dress up in your favorite gown from a school dance and wear elegant sparkling jewelry for a timeless look. Or, borrow from trends including Flirty and Feminine, Classic and Elegant, and Retroglam for a fresh take on formal.
    Classic and Elegant
    Keep it crisp and simple in tailored dresses, oxford shirts, plain tees, dark jeans, vests or blazers. Pull on knee-high riding boots or ballet flats and add pearl studs for subtle sophistication.
    Show off your sports achievements.
    Wear your jersey and bring equipment like a ball, racket, etc.